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At Easy 2 Recruit, we offer end-to-end support for UK automotive businesses looking to hire qualified technicians, mechanics, and other roles from overseas. Our comprehensive services span three key areas:

  • Acquiring sponsor licenses

  • Global recruitment

  • Immigration management

Sponsor Licence

Obtaining a Sponsor License for Overseas Recruitment - Easy 2 Recruit's Comprehensive Support

Any UK employer looking to hire skilled workers from abroad must first obtain a sponsor license from the Home Office. This allows you to officially sponsor foreign nationals for their visa application. At Easy 2 Recruit, acquiring sponsor licenses for our automotive clients is one of our core areas of expertise.

Why Do You Need a License?

A sponsor license is mandatory for recruiting non-EU/EEA citizens who require a visa to work in the UK. This includes skilled mechanics, technicians, and other roles you may want to fill in your garage or automotive company. Having a license shows the government you meet the requirements to safely sponsor overseas hires.

License Application Process

Gaining a sponsorship license involves extensive paperwork, compliance checks, and strict criteria set by the Home Office. Key steps include:

  • Determining the appropriate license type based on your hiring needs and business sector. For automotive companies, the main option is the Skilled Worker sponsor license.

  • Collating all required documents like financial statements, business registrations, payroll processes, policies, office leases, etc.

  • Drafting in-depth HR processes for recruiting foreigners, record-keeping, compliance, and reporting.

  • Paying fees upwards of £1,500 for application submission and yearly compliance costs.

  • Responding to Home Office queries, interviews, and inspection visits to verify eligibility.

  • Demonstrating extensive HR capability, robust compliance, and credibility as a responsible sponsor.

End-to-End Support from Easy 2 Recruit

Obtaining a license can take 3-6 months involving intensive work. Our consultants manage it all on your behalf:

  • We determine the optimal license category based on your goals.

  • Our team helps compile the reams of required paperwork and templates.

  • We draft detailed HR processes tailored to your business needs.

  • Our licensing experts review all materials thoroughly to ensure compliance.

  • We liaise with the Home Office through the application process, fielding queries.

  • We prepare clients for potential inspection visits.

  • We handle payments of allsponsor license fees.

  • We leverage our credibility and track record to boost success rates.

By partnering with Easy 2 Recruit, automotive businesses can focus on their operations while we secure sponsor licenses swiftly. Our years of licensing experience and expertise makes the complex process efficient.

Once you have a sponsor license, we can then kickstart recruiting overseas talent! Get in touch with our team to begin acquiring your license today.




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